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While many American contemporary realists are trying to rebel against the social and political establishments in their artistic expression, artist Thu Nguyen is one of the very few realists who still have strong attachment to traditional realism. American renowned realists included John Singleton Copley, Thomas Eakins, and Henry Ossawa Tanner have great influence on artist Thu Nguyen’s landscape and portrait paintings, especially her color palette, brushwork, light, perspective and depth. It reflects the fact that artist Thu Nguyen is so skillful to apply those old techniques and comfortable to stay on the "worn" path of realism. However, she has tried to go beyond the realm of realism in her creativity. In her series of nude and figure paintings, she successfully captured both the essence of her subjects and each emotional moment of her inner self. She wrote: “I’m working on an ongoing series of realistic figure paintings of myself. With this series I hope to explore how my varying emotional states, which range from defiance to despair…”Realists Thu Nguyen has also beautifully recorded in colors daily activities and sceneries in U.S.A. through her industrial paintings, winter, sea, and landscapes. Her soft and smooth painting strokes remind me of Rembrandt’s early paintings of the "smooth" manner, characterized by a fine technique in the exposé of illusionistic form. (by Viet Tran from the book "Shining Above The Rainbow") .

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Leader and Followers
The Meeting
Amelie-An and her ducks
Looking Away
Grace's Story
The star of the sea
Looking Up
On the divide
Ticket To Ride
Missing The Boat
Grab, tear, and spill
in the studio
Amelie-An's World
A line between ocean and sand
A line between ocean and sand 2
Star Maker
Looking Ahead
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